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Full text of Joint Press Communique of the 14th China-EU Summit (7)


09:31, February 15, 2012

27. The two sides support the G20, as the premier forum of international economic cooperation, in playing a greater role in global economic governance. Both sides believe that the G20 members need to better coordinate their macroeconomic policies to ensure strong, sustainable and balanced growth. In the coming months, the priority should be to restore consumer and investor confidence, promote economic recovery, maintain financial stability, reform international financial institutions and promote employment, especially youth employment. Both sides agreed to intensify communication and coordination and make joint efforts to implement the agreements of the G20 Cannes Summit and push for positive results at the coming Los Cabos Summit. Both sides supported the role of the Financial Stability Board in implementing commitments by the G20.

28. The leaders noted with grave concern the state of the WTO Doha Development Round negotiations. They reaffirmed their commitment towards an active process of multilateral trade liberalization and opposition to trade and investment protectionism. They urged WTO members to more fully explore feasible approaches to pragmatically advance the negotiations in 2012, building on the Doha mandate and progress already made. The leaders underlined the need to give priority to addressing issues of concerns for Least Developed Countries in the negotiations and to advance on other areas with a substantial development component, such as Trade Facilitation and non-tariff barriers (NTBs).

29. Both sides recognized the importance of achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals and the imperative to reduce global poverty. Both sides will support the international community in achieving the UN MDGs. They shared the views that the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 offers an opportunity to enhance green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, and to reinforce the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development and agreed to work together to promote global cooperation in this regard.

30. The two sides welcomed the positive outcome of the international climate change negotiations in Durban. The two sides agreed to enhance coordination and cooperation in relation to the international climate change negotiations.

31. Leaders exchanged views on international and regional issues of common concern such as the Iranian nuclear issue, North Africa, Syria, the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula and Myanmar and expressed the willingness to strengthen dialogue and cooperation to promote peace and security globally, such as counter-piracy and non-proliferation, and within their respective regions. They agreed that, in view of the fast changes taking place in today's world, China and the EU should work in closer cooperation regarding regional and global issues.

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