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Full text of Joint Press Communique of the 14th China-EU Summit (6)


09:31, February 15, 2012

21. The two sides recognized the importance of deepening understanding and trust on cyber issues, and were committed to enhancing exchanges and cooperation in tackling obstacles and threats, in order to maximize the positive role of secure ICT and Internet in promoting economic and social development, as well as to exchanging views on shared risks. In this regard, the two sides agreed to set up a China-EU Cyber Taskforce.

22. Both sides expressed satisfaction with the success of the China-EU Year of Youth in 2011 and welcomed the recent launch of the China-EU Year of Intercultural Dialogue in 2012.

23. The two sides agreed to make efforts to advance exchanges and cooperation on sustainable tourism, and to work for the signing of the Joint Statement between the European Commission and the China National Tourism Administration on Cooperation in the Field of Sustainable Tourism as soon as possible.

24. Recognising the significant benefits accruing from enhanced people-to-people contacts, the leaders agreed to explore the possibility of facilitating mobility for Chinese and EU citizens, and strengthening cooperation on illegal immigration, while the EU and China will give special attention to the possibility of mutual visa exemption for holders of diplomatic passports.

25. The two sides agreed to explore the possibilities to establish a China-EU Center, as a one-stop center of information and activities between China and the EU.

26. The two sides are determined to enhance coordination and cooperation bilaterally and in such international institutions as the United Nations and the G20 and on major issues including global economic governance, financial stability, strengthening financial regulation, energy security, food safety and security, climate change, and nuclear safety.

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