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Full text of Joint Press Communique of the 14th China-EU Summit (4)


09:31, February 15, 2012

13. Leaders announced the establishment of the China-EU Partnership on Urbanisation, which aims at promoting exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of sustainable urban development. The two sides agreed to hold the first China-EU Mayors' Forum in 2012 and make joint efforts to make it a success.

14. China and the EU agreed to further deepen cooperation on energy. The two sides welcomed and supported the convening of a China-EU High Level Energy Meeting in June, in which the two sides will have in-depth exchanges on energy security and energy science and technology, as well as China's and the EU's energy development strategies and plans, with a view to identifying the way forward and key areas for future practical cooperation. They also underlined the enhancement of cooperation in the automotive sector, aiming at the promotion of the common objectives of reduction of energy consumption and emissions, notably via the development of electro-mobility.

15. The two sides agreed to further deepen cooperation in energy technology and continue to expand the support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) of both sides in carrying out cooperation in energy-related R&D and innovation. To that end, China has set up a special fund for Science and Technology Cooperation of SMEs in Energy Field, while the EU supports specific collaborative research activities through funds from the framework programme.

16. The two sides reiterated their resolve expressed respectively in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan and the Union's 2008 Climate Change and Energy package, as well as the work related to the low-carbon 2050 strategy, to transform their economies along a low carbon and green path consistent with economic development. They agreed to further enhance dialogue on climate change related domestic policies and share experiences on specific climate change legislation.

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