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Full text of Joint Press Communique of the 14th China-EU Summit (3)


09:31, February 15, 2012

9. The two sides highlighted positive developments in the bilateral trade and investment relationship as a cornerstone of the strategic partnership. Among many mutually beneficial features of the relationship this was demonstrated by the fact that mutual trade was larger than ever before, economic integration had withstood pressures during the international crisis, Europe remained China's biggest export destination, and China was the EU's fastest developing export market. Both sides recognized the importance of continuing efforts to fight trade and investment protectionism.

10. Leaders stressed that particular importance should be given to working for the resolution of the Market Economy Status (MES) issue in a swift and comprehensive way.

11. The two sides welcomed companies' readiness to trade and invest in each other's economies. Leaders agreed that a rich in substance China-EU investment agreement would promote and facilitate investment in both directions. Negotiations towards this agreement would include all issues of interest to either side, without prejudice to the final outcome. They agreed to work towards the start of the negotiation as soon as possible. The two sides decided to hold the first meeting of the China-EU High Tech Trade Working Group as soon as possible, so as to facilitate trade in high technology. The two sides expressed their willingness to keep the momentum of negotiation on a bilateral agreement on the protection of geographical indications. They recognized the importance of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and will continue to actively develop the China-EU IPR Cooperation Project III. They also stressed the importance of their discussion on issues such as standards, public procurement, and subsidies.

12. Leaders highlighted the importance of continued discussions on improving their respective policies concerning export credit among relevant agencies.

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