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China, EU should cooperate calmly and rationally (2)

By Feng Zhongping (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

13:51, February 14, 2012

Europe should also consider China's participation in solving the European debt crisis in a rational and peaceful way. China does not have the ambition or capacity to “buy out” or “control” Europe like what some European media said, and China always supports the euro and the European Union, which is a sharp contrast to the negative international voices on the prospect of Europe.

The Chinese government has promised that it will not connect the two issues of recognizing China's market economy status and lifting military sales embargo against China with China's participation in solving the European debt crisis, and it is a good example of China's positive standpoint towards the European Union.

Leaders of both China and Europe should regard this summit as an opportunity to achieve three goals: cooperating with each other to cope with the European debt crisis, deepening their economic and trade relationship and strengthening their communication in dealing with important issues currently faced by international communities.

In a word, China and Europe have great potentials for their cooperation in various realms, and it will be helpful to turn the potentials into realities if both sides keep a rational and peaceful state of mind.

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helen at 2012-02-14141.0.8.*
While co-operation between China and EU be enhanced, those - Sino-Middle East, Sino-Asean and Sino-African be expanded and reinforced. Year 2012 and thereafter will be the "China Bashing" years by the United States government and the US media. The die is already cast in the militarised United States and the inevitable will ensue....

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