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Beijing’s street kids to be DNA tested (2)

By Li Ying (Global Times)

14:17, February 10, 2012

Shi Qinghua, headmaster of Light Love Family, a Beijing-based non-government organization for homeless children, believes that apart from merely rescuing the children, preventing them from leaving home is a more pressing issue.

"There were many cases in which children, who have been sent back home, chose to beg again," said Shi.

In Shi's opinion, family problems are the main reason that causes the children to leave home again.

"Improving family education and building a healthy environment for the children is the critical issue," he said.

Shi suggested that a system including the family, school and the neighborhood committee should be established to supervise the children's growth.

"The three parties can monitor each other so as to ensure the children are suitably looked after and educated," he said.

The Chinese government started special campaigns against woman and child abduction in 2009, and by July 2011, 23,085 women and 13,284 children had been rescued, according to the Xinhua News Agency in April 2011.

Apart from the government efforts, online campaigns aimed at rescuing child beggars also ramped up after Yu Jianrong, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, set up a microblog on Sina Weibo in January 2011, encouraging Web users to take photos of child beggars and post them online, in the hope that children reported missing could be recognized and rescued.

"A lot of Chinese people are unaware that child begging is illegal, and the online campaign will allow them to understand they can report this illegal behavior to the police when they spot it," Yu said in an interview with Phoenix Television in March 2011.

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