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China-Canada relations expected to reach higher level (2)

By Li Xuejiang (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:36, February 09, 2012

China and Canada can complement each other to achieve win-win in respect of economy and trade. For example, Prime Minister Harper said "Canada is an energy superpower". After its willingness of exporting oil to the United States blocked, Canada is trying to seek diversification of oil export markets, and oil is what China requires for economic growth. Canada may get a considerable cake in China as it owns advanced technologies in renewable energy, carbon capture and storage, energy saving and environmental protection. While China tops the world in investment in renewable energy as it is now committed to energy saving, emissions reduction and energy efficiency improving.

Canada is also leading in information and communications, aerospace, biomedicine and other industries, which fall into China's 12th Five-Year Plan. Therefore, the bilateral co-operation between China and Canada will undoubtedly generate huge economic benefits to both sides.

Promoting cultural exchange is another highlight of Harper's trip to China. According to Canadian statistics, there are 64,000 Chinese students (72,000 according to Chinese statistics) studying in Canada, bringing Canada a revenue of 19 billion Canadian dollars per year. The 12th Confucius Institute in Canada recently held its commencement ceremony. It has become another window for further understanding and friendly relationship between China and Canada.

There are reasons to expect that Harper's visit will lead to a tighter and better China-Canadian relationship.

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Hammad Sethi at 2012-02-1092.25.141.*
Imperialist Western Christian thugs are a miserable pack of greedy wolves. For one thing they are all enemies of free world, and they are all enemies of all Asians and other decent members of the International community. And if one of them becomes too weak, the rest of the wolves eat them.
Anthony at 2012-02-0999.251.111.*
In Canada, it is refreshing to enjoy so many Chinese high quality products...welcome visitors from China!

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