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U.S. airports continues to enrich passenger experience (2)

(People's Daily Online)

09:49, February 09, 2012

Beginning of 2012, a parking iPhone app has been launched and allows travelers in JFK to easily access the Airport parking facility without using a computer. Such a technological improvement provides people a faster and more convenient way to log in to the parking reservations system.

According to Airport Council International-North America’s report in December 2010 about airport passenger services, other services and facilities that the nation’s airports offer include declared historic sites, dental clinics, fitness centers, massage boutiques, and rocking chairs. All of these represent the dramatic airport transformation over the past decade.

But if yogis are thinking of a yoga room could be the next consideration for the New York City airports, they might need to check with the airlines. “Ownership of international facilities at airports is a factor in development,” said David Stewart, Head of Airports and Ground Handling Operations of The International Air Transportation Association. “At New York JFK, all the terminals are owned by airlines or consortia of airlines. At SFO and some other U.S. airports, international terminals are developed by the respective airport authority and then sold or leased to a consortia of international airlines. These facilities are developed with the focus on the international traveler and often cater to a broader spectrum of passenger needs.”

For now, they may have to practice yoga with an ipad.

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