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Syria becomes focus of struggle among great powers (2)

By Yang LIming (China Youth Daily)

15:39, February 08, 2012

Game playing between super powers is intensifying and the confrontation between the United States and Russia has formed

Before the Middle East turbulence starting at the end of 2010, internal contradictions of the Middle East and the fierce game playing of the region between super powers were covered by the Middle East Peace Process. But, as old political powers of the Middle East and North Africa were falling down, the national, religious and cultural conflicts have all surfaced once again. When the Middle East turbulence pushed by external forces has targeted Syria and Iran, the game playing between super powers has also intensified.

For the United States, the "democratic trend" of the Middle East, of which it has gradually obtained the dominant status, has reached the most critical moment. The political powers falling down in 2011 were all its allies in the past, but countries like Syria and Iran, which the United States hates very much, benefited from the chaos.

Therefore, now it is the time to divert the "trend" to these two countries. In the United States' opinion, the two cities of the Damascus and Teheran are the last fortresses of the Middle East that confront it. The United States has formed the "strictest alliance" to punish the two countries, and Iran is even facing a "possible military strike" from Israel.

Syria and Iran are Russia's few allies in the Middle East. Russia positioned its only military base outside the Commonwealth of Independent States at Tartous Port in Syria. At present, Russia has to show a hardball against the West since its influence in the Middle East may encounter the worst crowing out. What's more, Syria and Iran are Russia's major trading partners, especially in field of arms trade.

As it were, the turmoil in the Middle East can be referred a game by and between big powers around the principles to answer internal crisis of a sovereign nation. Nowadays, "humanitarian crisis" has become another excuse for the United States and Europe and other Western countries to intervene in other sovereign countries' internal affairs.

According to China and Russia, it is a question of principle with regard to the way of dealing with future international relations, and it will only lead to a more chaotic situation and result in more "humanitarian disasters" if any power attempts to have a regime changed through strong external intervention.

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John Gilberts at 2012-02-0970.51.163.*
I cannot express enough my profound relief at seeing Russia and China effectively derail what was clearly intended to be yet another regime change operation in Syria. I hope this is just the beginning of masterful and assurred coordination between China and Russia to halt this awful imperialist spress of aggression via bogus "humanitarian interventions". The true HI just happened in Syria with Russia and China. The world thanks you both!
wende at 2012-02-0971.255.83.*
I wonder why the west always points to the govt as the culprit and never lay a finger on the opposition. China is always blamed when there is trouble in Tibet or Xinjiang. However, in Bahrain, the putting down of demonstrators did not even raise an eyebrow in US or the west. So their actions are hypocritical and they choose whom to blame. The perceived "unfriendly" govt are always blamed.
Canada at 2012-02-0970.36.49.*
Why aren"t Hillary & Obama stopping the murder and torture of pro-Gaddafi supporters in Libya, and put an end to polygamy that turns women into sex slaves, if they care about human rights? Once they"ve installed their puppet regime they don"t give a damn about the Libyan people.
hkf at 2012-02-08120.166.23.*
Nobody blames Bill clinton from having a very special love story with Monica Lewinsky, because his wife has a hobby to change the regime of a sovereign state, of course, always with the rhetoric of preventing the killing of civilians by their own government

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