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Xi's visit to boost Sino-US relations (2)

By He Wei and Tan Yingzi (China Daily)

08:20, February 08, 2012

"Each time the Sino-US relationship encounters problems there are voices that doubt the fundamentals of the relationship. There are those who want to overturn this relationship that can truly be called too big to fail," Cui said.

"We hope that Xi's visit will be used as an opportunity to enhance communication, expand cooperation and deepen friendship," he added.

Experts said that the influence of the election year on Sino-US ties will be temporary.

"The relationship is stable, with competition and cooperation coexisting," said Shen Dingli, director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Xi's trip is part of the "institutional and frequent high-level visits" that reveal that the relationship is mature and not hostage to election cycles or any particular issue, Shen said.

The White House said on Monday that "a number of issues are always on the agenda when we sit down with the Chinese leadership, and that will be the case with this visit as well".

According to US media reports, Xi's stay in Iowa will include a reunion in Muscatine with friends he made during a trip to the state in 1985, a dinner at the Iowa Capitol and possibly a farm tour.

Xi's trip is an important visit that "will really help in the relationship", Christopher Hill, former US assistant secretary of state, told China Daily in Shanghai on Tuesday.

"There will be a lot of discussions and trying to know each other better," Hill, who once headed the US delegation to the Six-Party Talks, said.

"I would look for the trip to build on the positive relationship and see if both sides can anticipate some of the problems and prevent them from becoming bigger," Hill said.

The US strategic refocusing on East Asia has aroused speculation that the move is intended to contain China. Hill, however, said it is an attempt to secure long-term economic relationships in the region that are important to the US.

"China has emerged as one of the top economies in the world. I would hope that a renewed attention to East Asia will mean a renewed dialogue with China, and perhaps even a deepening of the dialogue to avoid strategic mistrust and misunderstanding," Hill said.

David Lampton, director of the China Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University, said that it is important that the emerging generation of Chinese leaders have a solid foundation in what they know of their American counterparts, to enhance future cooperation.

"It is particularly important for our leaders to keep our long-term interests in mind, not use inflammatory language and to place particular emphasis on dialogue in the next 12 to 18 months," Lampton said.

Experts said that Beijing and Washington have reached a degree of understanding to deal with election year friction.

Kenneth Lieberthal from the Brookings Institution said that the purpose of the trip is to give both parties an opportunity to get to know each other and develop some personal chemistry.

Wu Jiao contributed to this story.

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wende at 2012-02-0971.255.83.*
I hope Xi will not be timid but explain China"s stand and viewpoints. Specially during press conference or other public forum. With Obama, Xi should fight back and not be a punching bag. Let oversea Chinese be proud. What"s right is right and hit back on negative picture on human rights and democracy. US does not have a right kind of democracy. Human rights are not absent in China because China has internet blog and legal procedure has not improved. Tibet and Xinjiang are China"s territories and the immolations are encourage by splittists and foreigners who aim to give China a black mark. There are religious freedom. Churches in US have also to register before operation. It is what China is doing. Underground churches are not allowed of course.
helen at 2012-02-08203.82.82.*
The question arises again. Will Xi Jinping repeat the mistake of past Chinese officials who behaved like the Qing Court when they visited the US!? From here, there is nothing to be gained from this visit except to provide US leaders and their media further opportunities to demonise and bash the Chinese people!Let hope that 2012 be the year when the Chinese People Have REALLY Stood Up!?

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