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Socks industry facing labor shortage in E. China (2)


10:42, February 05, 2012

Workers are seen at a socks factory in Datang Township of Zhuji City, east China's Zhejiang Province, Feb. 3, 2012. After the Spring Festival in January 2012, socks factories in Datang met a shortage of labor recently. Some employers believed that most of the migrant workers went back home for family reunion during the festivals, while some hoped that migrant workers may return after the Lantern Festival on Feb. 6, 2012. The socks industry plays an important role in local economy in Datang Township of Zhejiang Province. According to statistics, in 2011, about 8.2 billion pairs of socks produced in Datang took 65 percent of the overall socks production in China and one third of the socks production of the world, which attracted more than 100,000 workers, most of whom were migrant workers. (Xinhua/Huang Zongzhi)


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