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Cadmium pollution cleanup measures safe, effective: experts (2)

(Global Times)

15:55, February 04, 2012

Prof. Zhang Xiaojian, a team member from Tsinghua University, said the neutralizers used were harmless to human health. They include common compounds used for water purification.

The neutralizers, mainly caustic soda, lime and aluminum chloride, will help increase the PH value and form precipitation compounds, such as cadmium carbonate and cadmium hydroxide.

Experts decided the amount of neutralizers to be dumped according to different cadmium concentration levels along the rivers.

Zhang said the team would monitor the water quality in the long term to eliminate the incident's impact on the environment.

Guo Qingwei, a senior engineer with the SCIES, added, "At each neutralizer dumping point, we locked down 40 to 60 percent of the cadmium amount. The percentage is adequate to ensure drinking water quality for Liuzhou city."

Cadmium is a carcinogenic chemical mostly found in industrial effluents.

Investigations found two factories, one producing a dye product called lithopone without a license, and the other a metallurgical chemical plant, to be responsible for the incident. They had illegally discharged highly contaminated sewage, the headquarters confirmed at a press conference on Friday.

Inspections are still under way to screen other factories along the rivers for similar practices.

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