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'Lost' staff prompt a headache (2)

By Qiu Quanlin (China Daily)

14:38, February 04, 2012

The authorities had predicted that as many as 9.8 million workers would return after the week-long holiday.

By Thursday, only 60 percent of the companies based in the province had resumed business after the festival, said the sources.

In Foshan, a major manufacturing city in the Pearl River Delta area, a growing number of factories were still affected by the labor shortage, although the overall demand for migrant workers has fallen this year.

The local labor authorities forecast that the city needs 200,000 more workers this year, but at least 85,000 workers have still not returned after the festival.

"Some migrant workers have not returned because they have better job options in their hometowns, which offer wages almost as high as those in the Pearl River Delta," said Zhang Baoying, director of Guangzhou Human Resources Market Center.

Ma Xiujuan, a migrant worker from Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, plans to go home to look for a job after visiting a job fair in Guangzhou on Tuesday.

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