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Han Han takes fraud fight offline (2)

(Global Times)

13:28, February 04, 2012

"Han said once before that he wouldn't reply to me, but he did. I hope he returns. His reply has already provided me with a lot of evidence," Fang wrote.

But Han's lawsuit against Fang for slandering his reputation continues. According to the official Weibo account of Xinhua News Agency's Shanghai branch, Han's lawyer handed in materials for the lawsuit Friday to the Putuo People's Court, Shanghai.

The court will investigate and respond in seven working days.

Fang stated that he has no malice toward Han, but is just against the use of ghostwriters. "No one has dared doubt Han about this, as he has been a best-selling literary genius for over 10 years," Fang said in an interview with Wednesday.

The dispute about Han's works has lasted for 20 days after the first doubts were raised by Mai Tian, an IT commentator, on January 15, and has remained a hot topic online.

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