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China dismisses accusation of its activities in Arctic

(Beijing Times)

16:31, February 03, 2012

China, as one of the largest countries of the northern hemisphere, is subject to direct and instant impact from climate and weather change in the Arctic region. Qu said it is a normal action for China to carry out and promote scientific investigation the region in the context of the global concern of effective response to climate change.

He also said that China has not explored the gas and oil resources in the region, and does not have the ability and condition to explore and utilize such resources.

Sankei Shimbun also make a false charge against China, saying China’s investment in countries in north Europe is aimed at building a base for logistic supply and military, which may both ensure supply for Arctic research ship, and make the port for warships and submarines.

“It is a normal action for China to broaden the investment in and trade with Europe,” said Ruan Zongze, researcher of China Institute of International Studies, ”It is virtually a paranoia to connect China’s regular commercial activities in northern Europe with strategic control of the Arctic region. ”

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