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China must master ‘WTO language’ to safeguard economic sovereignty (2)

(People's Daily)

16:21, February 03, 2012

Cheng Yuan, president of Motor Vehicle Industry Association in the United States, thinks that China's ability to respond to a variety of lawsuits has improved since its accession to the WTO 10 years ago. Cheng said China should continue to train a large number of legal professionals who are familiar with the WTO and international trade rules to better defend China’s legal rights.

Liu Jingdong, deputy director of international law center in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said this case illustrates that China’s experience in the managerial trade is insufficient. It is imperative to strengthen the learning of “WTO language” and master the WTO rules. If necessary, China should also revise such rules that do not reflect the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, and then safeguard the country's economic sovereignty. External pressures and obstacles cannot impede the overall situation of China's development, but will only make China more calmly consummate itself and develop in a better way.

A professor of International Political Economy from the School of International Management in Lausanne, Switzerland, said that there is no contradiction between China’s abiding by the rules under WTO framework and its implementing of sustainable development. However, what China ought to do is to actively participate in rule making. China is the world's second largest economy and plays an important role in global governance. China's appeal will have an impact on the whole world and the appeal of the world will also have a profound impact on China.

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