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China mulls more efforts to help address Europe's debt issue (3)


08:13, February 03, 2012


Wen and Merkel agreed that bilateral relations have achieved tremendous progress since the two countries established diplomatic ties 40 years ago.

Both sides agreed to maintain high-level contacts and arrange a series of large-scale economic and cultural exchange activities for 2012.

Wen said under the current complicated international and regional situation, China and Germany need to strengthen strategic cooperation from a long-term perspective.

The two countries should strengthen communication and coordination on major regional issues to jointly maintain world peace and stability, and cooperate more efficiently on global challenges such as climate change, non-traditional security threats, energy and food security issues, he said.

Merkel said Germany is willing to strengthen communication and dialogue with China to enhance mutual understanding, carry out cooperation at higher levels and in broader fields, and play a positive role in promoting Europe-China relations.

Germany welcomes Chinese companies to increase investment in Germany and will open its market wider to China, Merkel said. Europe thanks China for its support and Germany is willing to enhance communication and coordination with China.

Merkel also delivered a speech at Beijing-based thinktank Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and visited Nanluoguxiang, an old Beijing style alleyway with a history of over 800 years in the city's downtown.

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