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Battle of words over the future of poetry (5)

(China Daily)

12:23, January 27, 2012

During the worst period of Wang's presidency, only five undergraduates, including one from the law school, were members of the society. At the time, about 100 undergraduates and postgraduates were majoring in Chinese literature on campus.

"It is OK by me," said the poetry fan, who is preparing for the entrance examination for this year's Chinese modern literature postgraduate study. "Reading and writing poetry, as always, interests only a few."

Every six months, Wang seeks to collect poetry from his friends or fellow students to publish and share.

Although Wang said most of his friends stopped reading and writing poetry as soon as they left university, he and other young poets believe now is the best time for real poet writing from the heart.

"With huge change and new social problems arising, I think young poets can draw on more material for their work," he said.

Many believe that because the poets have no market, they cannot sell themselves. The corollary to this is that if they go on writing poetry, they can devote themselves to true literature. In this respect a young poet can master the demands that any future potentially excellent work puts upon him or her.

"(Good modern Chinese poetry) might exist," said Wolfgang Kubin. "I would be glad if someone would one day say to me, 'See, this young man or woman writes great poetry'."

There are many who hope he is right.

Mei Jia contributed to this report. Contact the reporter at [email protected]

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