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Internet boosting China's development (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

12:18, January 20, 2012

In fact, the rapid development of the Internet in China has effectively strengthened the interactions between China's governments and the public, improved China's situation of democracy, enriched the public's lives and promoted economic progress. The Internet not only adapts well to China but also contributes to China's overall social progress. Without the increasing netizens, China probably would not have achieved such a rapid economic growth rate.

The increase and stratification of netizens are management subjects faced by all countries with relatively rapid Internet developments. An important issue is how to make the Internet serve social stability. In this aspect, all countries face challenges and no country could say it has found a thorough solution.

Now that the Internet is a tool, it could be used to serve the social stability and development better. If practical methods could be adopted to make the Internet environment healthier, the Internet will absolutely be able to turn into a promoter for the social stability and development.

China has accepted the Internet, kept studying and using Internet and is actively participating in the regulation construction of the global Internet. All these are the results of China's Reform and Opening Up and its strong will of "Going Global."

It has turned into a common view of the international communities that the Chinese society has become more inclusive and vigorous in the era of Internet.

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