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China to increase its voice in 2012: senior official (2)


08:47, January 19, 2012


China's online population had become the largest in the world by 2011, with 513 million netizens since the Internet started to emerge in China in 1994.

Segments of the Chinese population have been able to voice their opinions in an unprecedented way in China following the emergence of weibo, or Twitter-like microblogging services and other social networking sites. The number of microblog users exceeds 300 million in China.

While acknowledging the role of such "new media" in ensuring the public's right to know and supervise, Wang said the development of the Internet has brought problems that can not be overlooked.

Along with the conveniences that the Internet has brought to people's lives and work, the Internet also harbors false information, ill-intentioned hype, pornographic and obscene information, online gambling, as well as online public relations gimmicks, according to Wang.

Strengthening and improving the regulation of online information will ensure that the Internet can develop in a continuous and healthy way, and this conforms to the aspirations and voices of the people, according to the transcript of Wang's remarks that was published at

China regulates the Internet according to law, as is common practice in most countries, Wang said.

China's Internet sector will be fully opened in time and its investment environment remains good and attractive, according to the official.

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