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Hunger marketing causes iPhone 4S scalping (2)

(People's Daily)

15:43, January 17, 2012

Apple’s hunger marketing leads to rampant scalping

On the one hand, the iPhone landed on China late and its price is high, and on the other hand, it is hard for consumers to buy an iPhone but iPhone scalpers are making good money.

“What the Apple Inc is implementing is a typical Hunger Marketing,” said Xiang Ligang, CEO of the CCTIME website. It is Apple Inc’s marketing strategy to postpone the sales time and limit the sales volume, which has led to scalpers' hoarding of the products, raising their prices and obtaining huge profits.

Qiu said that China should strictly forbid merchants from deliberately creating illusions of market prosperities to force up product prices. Currently, China does not have specific and detailed regulations for such actions. Therefore, Qiu suggests that China should standardize and manage commercial sales and service offering actions of this kind by making regulations and laws.

Experts call for rational consumption

Qiu said that consumers should have the concept of rational consumption.

Xia Xuejia, a professor with Peking University, believes that it is not an easy thing to help consumers build up the concept of rational consumption and it needs efforts from all aspects.

For merchant, it is a normal strategy to carry out sales promotions by creating “rarity” or “hunger” or other means. It is effective to rely on only merchants to guide consumers.

“One effective method is the interactions among people of a same age group. Once rational voices and communications appear in an age group, irrational consumption impulses and behaviors will greatly decrease in the group,” said Xia.

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