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News analysis: Postponed Israel-U.S. military drill exposes regional standoff over Iran (3)

By Adam Gonn (Xinhua)

09:44, January 17, 2012


Karmon argued that there are two ways that one can interpret the decision not to hold the drill now, and how that may or may not be connected to a possible Israeli air strike on Iran.

"One is that the decision between the two sides about the Iranian threat and what to do about it is at a stalemate, and the Americans don't want to appear to push the Israelis to attack Iran, " he said.

"On the other hand, one can say that the Americans know that during this period Israel is going to attack, so they want to be far away," Karmon added.

The commonly held view among military experts that have studied possible scenarios for an Israel air strike, is that Israel lacks the military capability to undertake a comprehensive operation, successfully.

This is mainly because the current type of fighter jets that the Israeli Air Force uses lack the long-range capability to fly to Iran without having to refuel in midair in both directions, which is a very risky procedure.

Many of Iran's nuclear installations are also spread out across the country and some are buried deep underground.

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