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Iran nuclear issue should be resolved via peaceful means (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

13:48, January 13, 2012

Reviewing the U.S. modern political history, it is not hard to find that the empty gestures made by some candidates are actually not feasible. Giving words is one thing, and practically implementing the words is another thing. However, the negative effects brought by the empty words are also very obvious. A tense international atmosphere not only restrains rational and constructive actions but also complicates international relations and even may lead to a tragic self-motivated war.

Under the current international condition, preventing new turbulences from appearing in the Middle East is very important and accords with the common interests of international communities. In recent years, the tense U.S.-Iraq relations has raised the oil price in the international market and created new uncertainties without doubt for the global economy heading forward difficultly on the road to recovery.

Great powers are more capable of setting topics and have larger room to play their roles. But meanwhile, they are also shouldering more responsibilities and need to control themselves more strictly.

One may feel good if the whole world would run after the dart he throws, but if he plays this game too much, the runners after the dart will probably not be the only people who will get dizzy or fall down.

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