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Simple technology, stunning outcome (3)

By Liu Meng (Global Times)

08:28, January 12, 2012

Shocking fame

The technology used is called "pervasive computing", Pan said.

"The success of this fountain was really shocking," Pan said. "I believed it really conveys the idea that technology can reach out to non-tech-savvy people in unexpected ways."

According to Pan, technology is often considered mysterious and distant from ordinary people, which is not true - all that's needed is a little imagination.

Pan thus encourages his students to think about new inventions and offers equipment and even funds to make their dreams come true.

"If their ideas have connections with our program, I will do everything I can to help out," Pan said.

"It's exciting to realize that what we're studying is so interesting to the outside world," He said.

"The research group often holds meetings to discuss what other functions can be added to this fountain," He added.

According to Pan, they have applied for patent for the technology, with results pending.

"It's important that technology has a social function," Pan said.

"We want to create value for the world, and maybe a little bit of fun, too."

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