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China should stay calm, alert about US strategy adjustments (2)

By Luo Yuan (PLA Daily)

08:04, January 12, 2012

Third, this adjustment is a strategic contraction after the United States experienced the Iraq war and Afghanistan war.

China should stay alert and calm in dealing with the United States' strategic adjustment

Facing this strategic adjustment, China should be prepared for unexpected development. It ought to stick to its own road.

The United States is afraid of China's prosperity and takes every means to disturb China's development. Therefore, China should not be disturbed and focus on its own development.

The United States is also afraid that China will have a good external environment and therefore it takes every means to create troubles between China and other countries, pull other countries to its side to confront China, and set barriers on China's development road.

To deal with it, China should use its diplomatic skills properly to make more friends and reduce the number of enemies. In this aspect, China should have enough confidence.

What the United States is afraid of most is China’s powerful national defense. It is reasonable and legal for China to develop its national defense. If the United States regards China as a threat, it should first do something to relieve China’s concerns. That is China's reply for the shift of its military focus to the Asia-Pacific Region.

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Ecky at 2012-01-13182.68.243.*
US want to control OIL supply and hence the economic output...they want to control syria and Iran.By doing this the US and western allies have full control on oil.Than they can control CHINA"s economy just by closing OIL TAP.....They have already done to IRAQ, LYBIA....So China has to protect IRAN to protect there own economy.....Cheers
chui dere at 2012-01-1399.254.58.*
Our neighbors should remember China and themselves were chopped up into the sphere of influence.China always pursuit a peaceful development.All the military advancement is solely for the purpose to defend itself.We"ll never again being occupied by anybody again.We want to remind one and all that not one chinese soldier out of China.Asia belong to the asians.Let us live in peace!
humayun at 2012-01-1276.65.104.*
china should not be disturbed and focus on its own development. the western strategy is to stop CHINDIA"s rise.
helen at 2012-01-12203.82.92.*
China should just continue but expedite the modernisation of the PLA as planned. As long as the 2nd Artillery Corps is ever ready for any eventualities, the Chinese people will be at peace.New Russia strategy is different since it relies completely on their enormous effective nuclear deterrent. With a small population of only about 142 million (less than half of the US), their reliance on nuclear weapons is perfectly understandable. That is why small sovereign nations must follow the Russian nuclear deterrent example notably Iran, N Korea ...or they will face certain death in the hands of international aggressor and bully, the United States.In the case of China, besides the increasingly improved nuclear deterrent, some conventional defence weapons need to be upgraded to protect peace in its borders.China is not about to enter into any entrapping conventional arms race with US Global Tyranny. The United States would love that.The Chinese people have trust and faith in the PLA. We are not worried.
Ji Zhou at 2012-01-12119.62.104.*
The U.S. has not GREATLY damaged its economy nor reduced its military spending. Now that its national debt is equal to its total GDP of 15.3 trilion dollars, it is reasonable to assume that it will print as many green backs as it needs to solve any economic problems.

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