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Kudos for caped crusader (2)

By Li Ying (Global Times)

08:25, January 11, 2012

Jiongjiong said he only hopes "to get happiness from providing little favors to others."

He posted photos as the campaign requires them as evidence of Web users' activities.

"I wear a mask because I'm afraid that my deeds may not be accepted by society," he added.

An employee surnamed Zeng from Tencent yesterday told the Global Times that Incredible Jiongjiong is just an ordinary Web user.

"We noticed that he was quite active over the past week, and we contacted him, but he didn't tell us his identity," Zeng said.

Tencent's campaign is called "Little Wishes in a Big World," and is aimed at encouraging people to help each other.

"All campaigns are trying to get publicity, so is this one," Zeng said, although she said that Tencent did not promote Jiongjiong as a good Samaritan.

Last month, a sexy "heroine" dubbed the Beijing Bauhinia became an overnight Internet sensation after she shared photos on Sina in which she supposedly gave coats to homeless seniors in the Xiushuijie, Wangfujing and Xidan areas.

But Web users, who accused the Beijing Bauhinia of fame seeking, are broadly supportive of Jiongjiong, and expressed hopes that there would be more heroes like him in Chinese society.

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