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Chinese media to get boost overseas (2)

By Wang Yan and Zhang Yuchen (China Daily)

10:46, January 10, 2012

"The fact is, however, most of the publications are aimed at the domestic market," Wu said."Without the 'going-out' plan, China's publication and media industry will remain in the current situation: large numbers but small influence."

For Jo Lusby, managing director of Penguin China, who saw a place for Chinese publications in foreign markets, the plan is welcome.

"As China has just begun to fully engage with the world. Western readers would like to know China and Chinese culture from the local perspective," Lusby said.

The company's releases of contemporary Chinese novels along with retranslations of Lu Xun's works were well received in overseas markets. The biggest selling point of Chinese novels is the inside view they offer of China's development, she said.

"There is no silver bullet," Lusby said. "There is no one policy or body or decision that can totally change something. It just needs time. It needs many different things to come together to create something."

Lusby applauded government support for overseas expansion of the Chinese publishing industry, but she added that connecting people and building platforms for introducing writers is every bit as important as high-level government dialogues.

Deputy Director Chen said the next step is to further specify the policies and increase the amount of financial support.

"Promoting Chinese culture abroad requires cross-departmental cooperation and efforts from various aspects of society," he said.

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