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Blood worth bottling (2)

By Li Ying (Global Times)

10:31, January 10, 2012

Pregnancy health risks

In some cases, newborns from an Rh-negative mother also risk contracting haemolytic disease that can affect a baby's physical and mental development.

"At first, my wife and I were really frightened by the serious health implications that could be caused by her rare blood type," recalled Zhao, who works for an Internet service provider.

Yu, a 36-year-old telecommunications professional, underwent a non-invasive surgery several years ago. However, her rare blood type wasn't identified during the procedure.

Having consulted doctors and enhanced their understanding about Yu's rare blood type, the married couple researched effective methods to minimize risks for both mother and baby.

"We joined an online support group for Rh-negative mothers and their families and got in touch with people who had shared the same experience as us. This gave us a lot of courage and hope," Zhao said.

With help from Lin Feng, founder of the online support group, Zhao bought anti-D immunoglobulin medicine from overseas to help prevent haemolytic disease. The medicine has been available in Europe since 1996 and in the US since 2004, however is still not available on the Chinese mainland. Thankfully, the medicine worked and on December 30 last year Yu gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Dudu.

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