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China attaches importance to Africa's concerns, interests: FM (4)


14:11, January 07, 2012

"Though the impact of the international financial crisis is still being felt, the international community, particularly Western developed countries, should not reduce help to and input in Africa. Instead, they should make greater effort to help Africa maintain sound development and create a more favorable external environment for Africa."

The profound and complex changes in the international landscape will also bring challenges to China-Africa relations, Yang noted.

China, he said, stands ready to work with African countries to remove interference from the outside and address the various problems constraining the development of China-Africa relations.

Yang outlined the following steps to strengthen Sino-Africa relations: Maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges between China and Africa; Continue to give full play to the leading role of FOCAC; Take a more active part in affairs crucial to Africa's peace and security, and further strengthen unity and cooperation with Africa in international affairs.

"We will continue to firmly support African countries in their endeavor to independently choose development paths suited to their national conditions," Yang pledged.

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