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Ex-railway minister, deputy governor face prosecution (2)

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

10:56, January 07, 2012

Liu is said to have received more than 800 million yuan (US$126.7 million) in bribes to offer her priority in contracts and engage in internal trading.

Liu Zhixiang, Liu Zhijun's younger brother, former head of the railways bureau in the central city of Wuhan, was also implicated in the probe. He was sentenced to death in 2006 with a two-year reprieve after convictions of conspiracy to assault, embezzlement and bribery.

The Party discipline agency didn't give details about the graft case again Huang either, but online rumors said he took bribes of US$9 billion, kept 46 mistresses and owned 46 properties.

Huang, 58, suddenly disappeared from public view late last year before central authorities announced on December 1 that he had been held for serious discipline violations.

Huang, a native of Weihai in Shandong, joined the Communist Party in 1975 and started his political career as a military cartographer.

He was promoted to government official in 1984, assigned as the mayor of Shandong's Dezhou in 1996 and elected as the province's deputy governor in 2007.

According to Cui, 777 Chinese officials above the level of county head were transferred to judicial departments for criminal prosecution during last year.

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