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'Cradle of Chinese Buddhism' embraces world (2)

By Liu Xiangrui and Li Yao (China Daily)

10:24, January 07, 2012

A Myanmar Buddhist garden will be created in April, Wang said.

"Details were discussed when Myanmar Minister for Religious Affairs Thura U Myint Maung visited Baima Temple and inspected the site on Dec 27."

The minister instructed that the decorative materials, mostly gems, for the golden canopy on the roofs would be shipped from Myanmar, Wang said.

Following the examples of the Indian and Thai gardens, other foreign temples will be funded by foreign governments, enterprises or religious groups, who will also oversee the construction, statue-making and decoration.

When they are completed, Baima Temple monks will manage the gardens.

Several other countries, including Japan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, have shown interest in investing in similar programs, Wang added.

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