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Nepal seeks to benefit from China's development (2)

By Ding Gang (People's Daily)

14:57, January 06, 2012

Hoping to play a role of bridge

In an article published not long ago, the Prime Minister of Nepal Babu Ram Bhattarai said that Nepal is located between the two big countries of China and India, but actually is surrounded by India. In the foreign trade area, the trade volume between Nepal and India accounts for two thirds of Nepal's total trade volume, but the trade volume between Nepal and China accounts for only 10 percent of it.

The Nepalese government has declared that the year of 2012 will be an investment year and it welcomes more Chinese enterprises to invest in the country. Although Chinese merchants have appeared in Katmandu in recent years, the actual number of Chinese enterprises investing in Nepal is still small due to such reasons as the hard traffic condition, undeveloped infrastructure and small market size.

Experts in Nepal believe that the “politically hot and economically cold” Nepal-China relations have existed for a long time, and due to the bottle neck of the difficult traffic condition, it is very hard for Nepal to benefit from China's development.

Nepal and India already have an open borderline, and if there is a road connecting Nepal and China and a railway connecting China, Nepal and India, Nepal will face an unprecedented historic opportunity.

Economists and traders in Nepal all believe that it is totally unnecessary for India to be too vigilant against China's economic and trade activities in India's surrounding regions. China's products are indeed a challenge for India, but how can India make progresses without facing challenges of such a kind? If India's manufacturing industry is inferior to that of China forever, it will not be very attractive to its surrounding regions for sure.

A senior Nepalese columnist told the People's Daily that if the road and railway mentioned above come into being, Nepal will be able to play a more important “bridge” role between China and India and benefit from it.

A tighter China-India trade tie will strengthen the bilateral relations and effectively bring along the economy of the whole South Asia. However, it is determined by the foresight of the strategic decisions of China and India.

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  1. Name

PD User at 2012-01-1349.244.19.*
all we are friend . no mater which country we are,, that is true there is problem with government .. lets leave and live other...
Chinhomiah at 2012-01-11180.129.116.*
China will always treasure the friendship that Nepal has shown to the country. This is particularly true in the area of ensuring that pro-Dalai Lama Tibetan refugees do not undertake anti-China activities from inside Nepal, such in the year 2008. The Western media, as we all know, too often distort the truth. In 2008, CNN accused China of ill-treating Tibetan refugees when in reality it was Nepalese police doing their job of ensuring that these refugees do not, in carrying out their nefarious activities, undermine the good relations between China and Nepal.
PD User at 2012-01-11182.72.150.*
See what chinese have managed to do. Got the Indians and Nepalese fighting. They are the masters at this art. Pls dont fall for this. This article itself was not called for at first place. As someone once rightly said. We cannot pick our neighbours so we need to live with them.
PD User at 2012-01-11221.127.45.*
20% of India"s population have done well riding on the back of the impressive growth in the economy.80% of the population have however been left out. The Indian press is largely owned by big money and lives on sensationalism, catering to the fortunate 20%. The Indian press is not a reliable source for understanding India, the exception is the Hindu published in Chenai, previously called Madras.
PD User at 2012-01-1059.178.175.*
yes true..."India is not wealthy enough to solve their own problems". Nepal is the wealthiest country in this world...and India the poorest...good joke...

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