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Geithner may discuss Iran sanctions on Beijing trip (2)

By Zhang Yuwei and Li Lianxing  (China Daily)

09:31, January 06, 2012

The European Union and the United States on Wednesday tightened their sanctions on Iran, with diplomats in Brussels saying a preliminary agreement had been reached on an EU embargo of Iranian oil.

Washington hailed the agreement, saying it was "the result of lots of consultations" with its EU allies.

Fan Jishe, a researcher from the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said US sanctions on Iran may have a negative impact on other countries.

"It will not only harm the interests of China but also US allies including France and Japan's interests in Iran," he said.

"So Geithner's visit to Asia will try to balance these countries' interests in Iran."

He added that China would require the US to ensure its legal communication with Iran.

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helen at 2012-01-06203.82.90.*
If Beijing follows suit, then the United States would have successfully alienated China from another friend. This would prove that China could not be a reliable friend in times of adversity and need and would be mistrusted by every nation on earth!This all depends on whether the Qing Dynasty court is still running the leadership in Beijing?

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