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China, Vietnam vow to enhance parliamentary ties (2)


08:36, January 06, 2012

Wu, speaking positively of the bilateral cooperation in all areas, also called upon the two countries to continue to strengthen unity and deepen cooperation.

"China and Vietnam are both developing countries, under the leadership of communist parties, and pursue socialism. Under the complicated and changeable international situation, it is in the fundamental interests and common will of the two peoples to strengthen our unity and cooperation," he said.

He stressed that the Party and government of China attach high importance to relations with Vietnam, and will work with Vietnam to strengthen high-level exchanges, enhance strategic communication, properly handle sensitive issues, expand bilateral cooperation in trade, technology and education, and increase cultural and people-to-people exchanges, especially youth exchanges.

Describing China as a good comrade and brother of Vietnam, Phong expressed gratitude for the long-term support given by the Chinese party, government and people to Vietnam.

He said the party, government and people of Vietnam all put relations with China as a priority of Vietnam's foreign relations. The Vietnamese National Assembly will abide by this guiding principle and will contribute to the further development of Vietnam-China friendly cooperation.

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