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Top regulator confident in China's stock market in 2012

By Zhou Xiaoyuan (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:37, January 04, 2012

Stock market may improve after the New Year

Regarding the stock market situation of 2012, many investors still have a high expectation. Dong said that the stock market may enter a relatively-vacant stage of balance after the New Year, it may rise for a period, the rebound may last, but even so the rising will be mild.

Dong said that even if the A-share market will be affected by external stock markets in January of 2012, it will not be affected by them heavily. The major factors that affect it are still domestic factors.

In fact, the long-term systemic construction for the stock market is the key factor for promoting the health development of the market. Regarding this issue, Lu said that the most important thing for the current stock market is to establish a credit financial market. Regarding the price setting for financial assets, two factors are crucial. First, investors must be able to gain profits in every term. Second, the discount rate must be set. In these two aspects, the profit must include the bonus and a market price must be offered by the large bond market. Only in this way, the optimized allocation of resources could be realized in the financial market.

In addition, Lu believes that a proper information announcement system should also be established in the stock market. Without a proper information announcement system, investors' interests could not be guaranteed. The insider dealing must be cracked down on resolutely too. After all of the three points have been realized, it will be time to introduce in institutional investors.

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