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Will Japan's economy recover in 2012? (2)

By Wang Kai (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:08, January 04, 2012

Will it have a gradual recovery?

In 2012, the European sovereign debt crisis is likely to deteriorate, and the world economy will remain sluggish. As a safe haven, the yen is bound to witness further appreciation. Overall, Japan's economic outlook for the coming year is bleak.

However, not all people believe that Japan's economy will be unpromising in 2012. Japans’ central bank believes that although its economy will level off in a short term, it will benefit from the demands from emerging countries' economic development and its own post-disaster reconstruction and it will return to the road of recovery in the long run.

The Japanese government passed four supplementary budgets in 2011 and invested 18.5 trillion yen in total in the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction. The first three supplementary budgets contributed 2.6 percentage points to the GDP growth, and the fourth contributed 0.3 percentage points. Experts believe the effect of these supplementary budgets will show in 2012.

The Japanese government has taken a series of measures to revive Japan's gloomy economic situation, but it is hard to tell whether Japan's economy will recover in 2012.

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wende at 2012-01-0671.255.81.*
Japan"s economy might recover as US is letting Japan to start its weapon sales industry. Of course, this is again an western style of stirring the pot.

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