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Free library opens door to knowledge (2)

By Wang Qingyun (China Daily)

08:26, January 04, 2012

The library he runs in the market comprises two cabinets of books, two tables, several benches and a blackboard where readers' essays are written. Weekends witness as many as 30 people who come to read or borrow, Liu said. Many of them are elderly, and Liu prepares 10 pairs of glasses to help them read.

He also encourages venders in the market to visit his library.

"He would be a little upset if no one came to read," said Liu Minggou, head of the Meixi village committee. "Sometimes, he will bring readings to the venders when they are too busy to read by his bookstand in the market."

To make his library more popular, Liu told the public that he would give an award to people who have read or borrowed 100 books last year.

Although the prize is yet to be given out, Wang Fusheng, a vender who helps look after the library, said the library helps improve the cultural atmosphere there.

"Mr Liu is a good man. He carries on the libraries with his own money," Wang said. "The library expands our knowledge. Now more people turn to reading instead of participating in gambling in their spare time."

Liu doesn't get upset when asked about readers losing his books.

"Only a few books were lost - by accident. Besides, most of these magazines and newspapers are really cheap. I won't ask people to pay compensation."

"There is a golden house in every book," Liu quoted a traditional Chinese saying to indicate his love for reading. "Books are my life. My life is books. What is money for when my life is gone?"

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