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China, a friendly neighbor committed to common development (2)

By Wang Lei (Xinhua)

13:37, January 03, 2012

Yet no matter how the landscape changes, Beijing will continue to uphold the time-honored Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, deepen its friendship and partnership with neighboring countries and strive for regional peace and common prosperity.

China's peaceful development does not pose any threat to anyone. As recent history has revealed, China serves a powerful economic engine for the region and the world, and its advancement provides an opportunity for all the other peace-loving nations to live a better life in a more peaceful world.

Moreover, just like China, most of China's neighbors are developing countries. Therefore, development is of particularly high significance and should be treated as a top priority. Governments need to focus on improving their peoples' livelihood.

It is thus highly advisable and hugely rewarding that China's neighbors work together with Beijing to propel their relations and cooperation forward and thus bring more tangible benefits to the peoples within and beyond their borders.

What happened in the past has also proved that China and its neighbors have the will, wisdom and ability to settle their disputes on their own. As long as they follow the light of dialogue and cooperation as China does, there will always be a way out.

At the turn of the year, it is especially meaningful to recall Chinese President Hu Jintao's keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 2011 annual conference of the Bo'ao Forum for Asia: "China will always be a good neighbor, good friend and good partner of other Asian countries."

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PD User at 2012-01-05183.39.41.*
Like the saying goes, "Once a soldier, always a soldier". Hence @Srinivas presumably an Indian national is a puppet like it has been groomed to be puppet of the crown and later piggy-backs upon Uncle Sam, still as small as a doggy puppet. How to kick this cultural habit is a real challenge of it; alas, may be too hard on them all. For new year sake, please make a change to get out of the woods!
PD User at 2012-01-05113.210.230.*
I hope India will repeated his history that controlled by western. Are India will end up the same situation like Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. End up as puppet that shifted from Republican to Democrat . Serve different master every 10 yrs or less. YES MASTER.
Fu Man-chu at 2012-01-04173.254.192.*
Why don"t you lay off, "srinivas", you bl**dy American paid sock-puppet. We don"t like your continuous defaming China using the operative words you are instructed to use - "bully", "aggressive", "hegemonic", etc.. You seem to talking of your paymaster - Washington - and of yourself. You are nothing but a "peasant", cheap tradesman", and a low-life worm. If we get hold of you ...
South East Asian at 2012-01-04220.255.1.*
@Srinivas, please ask your small South West Asian neighbours whether the emerging Superpower India exhibit any bullying towards them before pointing the accusing finger at China. Aggressive posturing by China towards giant India? Did the Indian armour unit brag on the signboard recently in the Hindustan times that they will be Lhasa and Beijing soon... What about the decades long training of exiled Tibetan SFF commandos by the Indian RAW intelligence agency for guerrilla warfare work in China? Not to mention, the puppet Tibetan exiled government is housed in your country and the new deployments and creation of new mountain divisions, SU 30 MKI fighter bombers and nuclear tipped brahmos supersonic missiles on the Indo-Chini border. The India keeps boasting its ICBM could reach Beijing after completion of SSM tests. With this posturing, who need a friendly neighbour like India? In south east or south west Asia, India is never viewed as an innocent and honest neighbour / broker as she trying to portray as.
Xiongmao at 2012-01-0475.72.98.*
China definitely did the right thing to boosted its relationship with its neighbors with diplomacy instead of aggression like other countries around the world. We Should respect those who respect us.

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