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Chinese president delivers New Year address (2)


11:34, January 01, 2012

"However, the instability and uncertainty of the world economic recovery is on the rise, international and regional hot-topic issues have cropped up one after another, and the peace and development of the world faces unprecedented opportunities and challenges," Hu said.

China will stick to peace, development and cooperation, adhere to independent foreign policy, maintain world peace and promote common development, Hu said.

The country will stick to the principle of mutual benefit when opening itself up, he said.

"We will develop friendly cooperations with all countries on the basis of the five principles of peaceful co-existence, and we will continue to actively participate in international cooperation on global issues," Hu said.

"I believe that as long as people from all countries make efforts hand-in-hand, the world will have a better future and the welfare of the people of all countries will improve," Hu said.

An article by Hu on boosting the country's cultural development will be published in Qiu Shi (Seeking Truth), an official magazine of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, on Jan. 1.

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chris at 2012-01-0568.230.18.*
China"s President Hu has delivered a strong voice of wisdom and common sense for the New Year. The Presidents of the US and Iran should read President Hu"s New Year Message and learn a lesson of wisdom. Any blow hard drunken fool can start a fight, but knowledge and wisdom benefits all people. The mandate of heaven is gifted to those who seek the best for all of the people.
wei siung at 2012-01-03125.162.151.*
peace,growth,stabilty and humanity,i"m sound like my old man.even there,China always had a traitor from the history,...
wei siung at 2012-01-03125.162.151.*
peace,growth,stabilty and humanity,i"m sound like my old man.even there,China always had a traitor from the history,...
PD User at 2012-01-01114.160.71.*
Indeed, the world is so fortunate to have President Hu as China"s leader at the critical stage of human evolution.The world has a stage set for the most important quantum leap of human evolution. The concept is a sustainable, stable and peaceful planet earth. The idea is every human taking up the responsibility to guide the country, the state and the world. Getting there, which is quite soon, with tools of the information age, the world will enter an everlasting golden era of human civilisation when every creature is spiritually and humanly connected with every other. China, now, has all the means to do it. Just do it and it will be China"s most profound contribution to the world. Dr Sun Yat Sen has already put it into his famous thought: "ThienSeahWeiGung".

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