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Banks say rumor of account details leak totally false (2)

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

10:42, December 30, 2011

Privacy scandal

The story quickly spread online, stirring panic as many people believed it to be true in the wake of a nationwide privacy leak scandal where more than 90 million website passwords had been leaked online by hackers.

An ICBC official surnamed Wang told Shanghai Daily that the story about leaked account details was totally untrue.

"All the passwords of user accounts are encrypted so no one can view them in clear text in the bank's system," said Wang. "Technically, only bank account users know their passwords, otherwise the banking industry would be a total mess."

Wang said the bank had investigated some of the card numbers provided by the website and found they didn't exist in the bank's database.

The other two banks published announcements on their websites yesterday afternoon, saying that their investigations had also found the rumor to be false.

"The bank is paying high attention to account security and uses encryption technology to ensure account safety," said the Bank of Communications. "Those who made up and spread the rumor to disturb the banking industry may face legal punishments."

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