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Ancient appreciation (3)

By Lu Qianwen (Global Times)

13:13, December 28, 2011

Behind the craze

Besides young, white-collar professionals, university students are another group that is caught up in guqin fever. According to Tian Qing, director of the Music Research Institute of China National Academy of Arts (CNAA), there are now dozens of guqin societies among Beijing's universities. "Take the Qin Society at Peking University for example. They have hundreds of members who are learning the guqin for the first time," he said.

From "extinction" to "red-hot," the fate of guqin is also closely linked to China's efforts to protect its cultural treasure. "Being internationally recognized as part of our intangible cultural heritage, guqin is of the utmost importance in terms of protection," said Tian.

The Ministry of Culture and CNAA had launched its project to bring the guqin to school campuses last summer, now it covers more than 20 universities and 80 primary and middle schools in Beijing.

Apart from the government's protection efforts, another factor contributing to guqin fever is its aesthetic appeal. The sound of the guqin is soft and tranquil, ideal for soothing nerves.

"Guqin is just entering its prime," predicted Tang Zhongliu, vice president of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society (CNOS).

In Tang's view, guqin has a unique ability to cultivate the mind, a quality that other instruments lack. He believes that more and more people will become drawn to it for this reason.

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