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Group-buying firms look to Taobao (3)

By He Wei (China Daily)

13:55, December 26, 2011

Likewise, some see the current crisis as a window of opportunity to transform and upgrade. The group-buying business will inevitably evolve into a "dual-track" model, namely, integrating routine online offers with special discounts, a senior executive of said.

"The duration of group-buying deals has gradually been extended from 24 hours to seven days. Some offers do not even have a time limit. The shift demonstrates the changing nature of group-buying activities, from an advertising campaign to a distribution channel," the source, who declined to be named, told China Daily.

His site has just become a member of Taobao Mall, and he believed the opening of more such virtual stores presented numerous marketing opportunities.

"The dual-track model helps us maintain stable and long-term relationships with vendors, thereby bringing about more tempting discounts," he said. "This is equally beneficial to both our branding and sales growth."

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