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Japan to relax decades-old weapons export ban (4)


13:30, December 25, 2011

The decision to select the F-35 was also influenced by the fact that Japanese companies can be involved in the production of the jet on home soil and provide superlative technical and logistical support as Japan's aviation industry is widely regarded as being in a technical league of its own.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. will be involved in work on the F-35's mainframe structures, while IHI Corp. will provide its expertise on the jet's engines and related systems. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has been slated to be involved in the production of the jet's highly sensitive mission-related avionics.

A spokesperson for Lockheed Martin's said that Japan could feasibly become one of the primary "global suppliers to the F-35 stealth fighter program," providing the Japanese government rescinds its age-old ban on military exports.

When Japan officially reverses its ban on weapons exports, Japanese contractors will be in a position to bid for a myriad of lucrative defense contracts in the United States and elsewhere and be able to utilize its domestic manufacturers to tap into foreign markets.

Moreover, Japan will be able to make cost-effective purchases of its own military hardware, including ships, aircraft carriers, jets, helicopters, missiles and next-generation electronic and laser-based weapons, through wholesale purchases and production- affiliated subsidies.

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Relaxation of this ban on the weaons" export means not only abandonment of the Item 9 of the constitution but Japan"s resumption of rearmament, which is likely to touch off arms race and military tension in Asia.

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