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Human library shares dreams, promotes understanding (2)

By Du Jie and Zhou Xiaoxiong (Xinhua)

11:25, December 25, 2011

A living book is a person that has chosen to be a representative of a certain group. Here in this library, Li Xingning prefers people of action other than only of words.

"Our living books here not only have a creative idea about what to do in life, but more importantly they put their ideas into action," she said.

Inside the 120-square-meter library, Li and her colleagues painted one side of the wall into exquisite bookshelves filled with books. Yu Shi, one of the six volunteer "living books", was playing guitar, singing John Lennon's "Imagine."

"Imagine all the people sharing all the world," the 24-year-old said this line in the song echoes with his reason to join the library. "If there were more people willing to share their stories, there might be fewer misunderstandings," he said.

Yu has been living a vagabond life for nine months, traveling from southwest China's Yunnan Province all the way to Beijing, with little budget but a guitar.

He earned a living by singing in the street, and sold the postcards printed from the photos he took during his journey. On one wall of the library hung his postcards, on each of which, he wrote a few lines of prose.

"I led a vagabond life, but it doesn't mean I'm a beggar. I sang in the street to give good music to others, sharing the stories behind it," he said.

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