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Car emission becomes major cause of air pollution (2)

By Wu Weizheng (People's Daily)

14:18, December 21, 2011

As for environmental protection label, the “yellow-label vehicles”, which account for 20.2 percent of total vehicles in service, emit 70.4 percent of NOx, 64.2 percent of HC, 59.3 percent of CO and 91.1 percent of PM.

Motor vehicle pollution has become the most prominent and urgent problem for the atmospheric environment.

Tao said, since the 11th Five-Year Plan period, China has constantly enhanced efforts in controlling motor vehicle pollution and has adopted comprehensive measures in various aspects including environmental admittance for new cars, environmental regulations for cars in use, and clean technology for vehicle fuel to accelerate the implementation of motor vehicle emission standards

It has speeded up phase-out of high-emission vehicles, strengthened the environmental regulatory system for motor vehicles, vigorously carried out development strategy of giving priority to public traffic, actively advocated "green travel" concept, and promoted lead-free and low-sulfide technologies for vehicle fuels.

The pollution control relating motor vehicles has achieved initial success. From 2005 to 2010, the national vehicle ownership increased by 60.9 percent, but emissions increased by only 6.4 percent; among which car ownership increased by 150 percent while emissions increased by only 7.4 percent.

Tao said that the Environmental Protection Department will implement all-around control on total emissions of nitrogen oxides by motor vehicles, further strengthen environmental regulations during the whole processes of motor vehicle production and use; at the same time closely collaborate with relevant departments, adopt comprehensive measures in industrial development planning, urban public transport, supply of clean fuel and other aspects, coordinate and promote the simultaneous upgrade of "cars, oil, and road", alleviate the impact of vehicle emissions on the atmospheric environment.

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