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Chinese celebrate Christmas with Oriental twist (2)


13:45, December 19, 2011

People walk in a corridor of lights built in front of a department store in Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province, Dec. 10, 2011. As Christmas and the New Year's Day approached, various decorations have been built by shopping malls, hotels and so on to warm up for festival sales promotions. (Xinhua/Wang Song)

Business in Christmas decorations booms

While Westerners are cutting their budgets and spending less on Christmas products, Chinese customers are, on the contrary, more generous and demanding over the holiday.

"In general, orders from domestic companies are by no means comparable with foreign ones," said Chen Jinlin, secretary-general of the Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association. "But, in most cases, they are more interested in expensive items, always asking for 'something more extravagant', while regular and traditional products are more popular with foreign customers." Both sides are equally important.

The festive mood seems more evident this year as businesses in many Chinese cities jumped in to the Christmas spirit earlier than before.

Malls, restaurants and bars in Beijing put up Christmas decorations as early as late November. Castle of colorful lights, corridor of lights and Christmas wall are built in front of department stores. Anyone who walks in the business districts and shopping centers in most Chinese cities today can enjoy the pleasant contrast of the red glow of Chinese lanterns and the deep green of Christmas trees. The two colors are a perfect match for the Chinese.

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