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Beijing reaches annual "blue sky days" target (2)


09:40, December 18, 2011

The bureau has been keeping a close watch on construction sites and coal-fired boilers in order to reduce emissions of pollutants since the city began supplying heat in mid-November.

Air quality monitoring in Beijing made headlines recently due to public debate over different standards of measurements.

China currently uses PM10, or particular matter under 10 micrometers, to measure air quality, but the public has urged government authorities to apply the tighter PM2.5 standard, which measures finer matter that is considered more hazardous to people's health as it can go deeper into the lungs.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said it has been considering revising present standards, and a new index standard which includes the measuring of PM2.5 and ozone density is scheduled to be fully implemented nationwide in 2016 with pilot projects conducted in certain regions ahead of the national deadline.

Zhuang said the Beijing Environment Monitoring Center has started making preparations for the monitoring of PM2.5, including purchasing relevant monitoring equipments, setting up monitoring posts and training staff.

A "blue sky days" target has been set to encourage the city to improve its environment. Authorities are aiming for 274 "blue sky days" this year.

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