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Peaceful undercurrent rises in South China Sea (2)

By Ji Peijuan (People's Daily)

15:53, December 17, 2011

US 'return to Asia' further muddies waters

Experts generally agreed that the South China Sea dispute cannot be resolved quickly and needs the efforts of several generations. The parties should commit to the joint development of the South China Sea to reduce conflicts now.

Some experts pointed out that the U.S. "return to Asia" is complicating the issues surrounding the South China Sea.

"The United States should attempt to cooperate more with China and focus on commonalities rather than differences," Beckman said. "The United States should accept the fact of China's growing strength and learn to share power with China in Asia."

The experts agreed that joint development was conducive to a win-win situation. The parties can have cooperation in many fields, such as marine environmental protection, marine scientific research, disaster relief, maritime shipping security, freedom of navigation, maritime search and rescue, as well as combating international crimes, including drug trafficking, piracy, maritime armed robbery and illicit arms trafficking.

In the early debates about the Conduct Code of the South China Sea, it is particularly important to continue to promote confidence-building.

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