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Japanese gov't declares cold shutdown at Fukushima nuke plant (2)


10:56, December 17, 2011

Despite the announced completion of a second stage, Noda's speech met with skepticism on the Internet. According to an online poll conducted by Yahoo Japan News, about 94 percent of those surveyed voted the opinion of "not appropriate" for Noda's speech.

Evacuees told local TV programs that the nuclear accident won't be over unless they are able to return to their homes.

While the government pushes forward with plans to notify the public of the plant's stability, the TEPCO has been battling to store ever-increasing amounts of radioactive water and is considering dumping it into the Pacific Ocean to free up much- needed storage space.

The Asia's largest utility firm said that the plant was likely to reach its maximum storage capacity of 155,000 tons by around March next year due to massive inflows of groundwater and as such was mulling the idea of once again releasing radioactive water into the sea.

The TEPCO said it would conduct a detailed environmental assessment and submit it to the government with the aim of discharging only contaminants that would have the least effect on the environment.

With the troubled plant still leaking radiation into the environment, nuclear analysts said the wording a "cold shutdown" could be misleading.

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