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Doctor takes emergency practice online (2)

By Wang Xiaodong (China Daily)

08:42, December 16, 2011

"I just want to show the true life of an emergency doctor. Doctors should not just be the serious faces treating patients, as people usually think. They should also be experts in communication, and good communication can help to reduce disputes between doctors and patients," Yu said.

As an emergency room doctor for seven years, Yu has seen too much life and death, and experienced too many sorrows and joys. Doctoring has long become a routine duty for her.

"Sometimes I tell people to not always expect a patient's life can be saved in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. I have seen too many patients suffering diseases too serious to be cured. As a doctor, all I can do is to try my best," she said, sighing slightly.

Yu may be a serious doctor in front of patients, however she has another side.

"She may look cool, but she is actually passionate and very friendly. Although she is in her mid 30s, she sometimes becomes noisy and crazy when teasing us young girls," said one of her colleagues, surnamed Shi.

As for her daughter, who was just enrolled in a primary school, Yu has a unique educational theory, compared with most Chinese parents.

"I don't have much requirements for her. I just hope she can be healthy and happy," she said.

Besides reading novels and going to KTV to sing, playing with her daughter is also a great relief from work pressures.

"I love to play with my kid. Sometimes she becomes really noisy and demands I play games with her, and I would say 'I don't want to be mom. What about you being a mom and teaching me to play a game?' And then she becomes less noisy and teaches me seriously," She recalled, smiling happily.

Turning from her daughter, Yu becomes a rather cynical woman.

Despite holding a doctorate degree and having worked in the hospital for 10 years, Yu said she is still an ordinary doctor.

"In China doctors have to do a lot of academic exploration to publish papers, and go through various forms of teaching and training in order to win titles. But I would rather tend my patients, or read novels or listen to music if I have free time after a busy day," she said.

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